Tools and methods

Kanban board

When it is useful

Kanban is a project management method originating from Japan. It helps to visualise activities on a board. The simplest layout of such a board divides tasks into "to do", "in progress" and "done" categories. Tasks written on cards are moved between these columns depending on their stage. Each card can contain a more or less detailed description, deadline, and information about the person responsible for the task. A board visible to all team members improves cooperation, especially the flow of information. It is also a good tool to build trust, motivate and ensure transparency concerning the way things are done. The simplest whiteboard can be written down individually in a notepad, hung in a shared office or you can use online tools, such as Trello, Asana or MS Planer.

Kanban board

Step by step instruction

  • During the team meeting, agree on the categories that should appear on your board. In addition to the usual "to do, in progress, done", you can add any other categories you think are necessary, e.g. problems, ideas, waiting room, etc.
  • Decide how detailed your cards will be, what information you want to include.
  • Decide where your board will be located – it ought to be accessible to all team members.
  • Write down the tasks in your project, divide the responsibilities for them and put them in the appropriate columns.
  • Move them individually in the tasks, but also discuss them together, e.g. at a weekly meeting. Then you can add new tasks and divide them up in the team.

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