Tools for Cultural Planning

Learn more about the toolkit

Here you will find useful instruments, methods, case studies
and models which help to manage cultural planning processes and projects.

On the website you will find

  • best practices and case studies form Baltic Sea Region cities,
  • tools and methods, typology of projects, situations, cities and neighborhoods,
  • DIY guide to projects and Q&A about cultural planning.

Who do we invite to use Urban Toolkit?

  • Urban Toolkit is meant to be helpful to social and cultural activists who want to make a significant change in their communities.
  • Urban Toolkit is for officials working in city councils, local districts, institutions and organizations for which inclusive process of planning the city with its resident is crucial.
  • Urban Tookit is a set of examples for urban planners, architects and all decision and policy makers who want to create better neighborhoods for living.
Corners2017_CCI_photo BartoszBanka
If you would like to start use cultural planning in your work as an urban planner or city official here, you'll find POLICY ROADMAP for cultural planning.
"A really helpful guide and clearly laid out – what more do you want? Cultural planning helps us to think, plan and act differently and focuses us all on what is distinctive and special about where we live. Going with the grain of a local culture helps us create better places”

Charles Landry
Author of the concept of the Creative City.

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