Case Study

Brasa Pumpurs Power

Open-air theatre play/performance with the aim to energize the neighbourhood.

What happened?

Brasa Pumpurs Power involved local inhabitants and invited people from other neighbourhoods to explore and understand Brasa better. The event had the form of walking tour with the stops and activities in specific places e.g. streets, old cemetery, courtyards, architectural monuments, train station. In total 50 people from local community were involved in organizing the events and around 400-500 saw the performance.

  • Who can help?
  • Local NGOs
  • Cultural institutions
  • Administrative units
  • Local communities
Brasa Pumpurs Power


Brasa Pumpurs Power was based on poems by Latvian author Andrejs Pumpurs who was buried in The Old Cemetery.

The event, using such tools as performance, encouraged reflections linking the poem and today’s politics. Particular parts of its programme took place in various localizations which showed the diversity, historical context, local challenges and deserted area of Brasa.

At the same time the project managed to show the power of cooperation between local inhabitants and co-creating cultural events.

How? (tools & methods)

  • Volunteers from the local community were involved in the event as practical helpers in organizing. They were also participating in the performance as non-professional actors/extras for the scenes. Thanks to participation they got to know each other and created a bond that united the community.
  • One of the basic needs was getting funding for the event which became a part of the preparation phase. At the beginning it was also important to identify people working in the theatre and the community of Brasa neighbourhood. Having the first steps done, organizers could create a screenplay for the event.
  • The realisation consisted of staging the performance, attracting volunteers, publicity, ticket sales and – finally – making the 15 performances happen.
  • To evaluate the project organizers had to compile photo and video materials, prepare financial reports and sum up achieved aims.

For whom?

  • 8+ years old (starting from the school age to pensioners)
  • Riga inhabitants
  • Brasa neighborhood inhabitants

What worked out?

The project attracted media and community attention to local challenges such as empty buildings – e.g. the State institutions responsible for the old hospital building are more open and willing to discuss the potential development with the local community. Moreover, increased interest and upcoming event engaged the municipality which cleaned The Old Cemetery. After the project was conducted, the community has been more active and willing to participate in local events. It is clearly visible for example in the growing number of members of neighbourhood associations.

What should you be aware of?

Funding - to carry out this activity without causing any financial loss for the production organization and involved coordinators.

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