Tools and methods

Vision tree

When it is useful

The aim of building a vision tree was to collect the visions of the people for their neighbourhood and making them visible for others. By constructing something unusual in public space, like the vision tree, the interest and attention of passers-by and neighbours was caught. In a period of three weeks people had the chance to write down their wishes, dreams, and imaginations of the space that was immediately placed on the vision tree. Other people could see the written visions and could comment on them. Hence, the interaction between different people was facilitated.

The more people take part, the greater the vision tree. Nevertheless, it might be desirable to enter into dialogue with the people that write or draw their visions in order to get more in depth information or trigger further visionary thinking. Hence, an interview method (focus group interviews, open coffee & tea sessions, individual interviews, etc.), must be chosen to create a dialogue. There, a number of five people per interviewer (artist, project staff, etc.) being present at the same time should not be exceeded in order to create good discussions.

Vision tree

Step by step instruction

  • Choose a spot in public space that is visible and highly frequented and simultaneously invites people to stop and read the visions and contribute to the vision tree.
  • Check the requirements for the placement of the construction and apply for needed permissions at the responsible administrative department.
  • Build the vision tree.
  • Choose an interview method and provide material for the people to write down their visions.
  • Offer time slots where the artist(s)/staff is present and communicate them. Invite people to focus group/individual interviews or invite passers-by to take part and enter into dialogue.

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