Tools and methods

Neighbourhood mosaic

When it is useful

Local mosaics were created within the framework of cultural planning in two neighbourhoods involved in the programme: Nowy Port (Gdańsk) and Sarkandaugava (Riga). This method combines the mapping of a neighbourhood’s local DNA with a lasting change in the neighbourhood’s space. Residents taking part in the process of creating the mosaic are free to choose the motifs that are typical of the neighbourhood, specific places and elements that should make up the artwork. In Gdańsk, the mosaic was created using clay, in which patterns taken from the urban space were imprinted. Burnt clay tiles form the Dzień dobry! (Good morning!) sign that welcomes residents. In Riga, the mosaic was created using tiles collected by the organisers and residents – together they formed a picture of the district's characteristic buildings.

Neighbourhood mosaic

Step by step instruction

  • Find artists who use mosaics in their work.
  • Identify the technique you will use to create the mosaic and how you will create the pieces.
  • Invite local residents to the workshop – prepare the materials and the space. Ask the participants to bring inspiring objects related to the neighbourhood or go for a walk together during the workshop to select ‘fragments of the city that will become part of the mosaic.
  • Under artistic supervision, you will create a mosaic together, which can be then placed in the urban space (it is advisable to get permission for such an intervention in the building well in advance).

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