Tools and methods

First-hand stories

When it is useful

The aim of the meetings and workshops is to collect stories about the city and its inhabitants. During interviews and group walks, stories are collected from people who remember the neighbourhood’s past. In Visaginas (Lithuania), these interviews and recordings of urban sounds formed a narrative for walks for residents interested in the history of their city. In the second part of the workshop, participants of different ages met with the oldest inhabitants, who represented different perspectives on the city from their experience.

First-hand stories

Step by step instruction

  • Look for the oldest residents of your neighbourhood – in the streets, at the clinic, through local associations.
  • Invite them to share their memories during interviews and walks.
  • Weave a collective narrative from these stories, with the support of people experienced in working with sound, or try your hand at it yourself using simple sound editing software.
  • You can share your recordings with individual strollers or organise a group walk.
  • Organise a meeting where younger citizens can meet the authors of the stories.

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