Case Study

Tower Kronprinz Second Advent

The international open competition of art project

What happened?

The international open competition of art projects “Kronprinz — The Second Advent” was aimed at attracting attention of Kaliningrad citizens to the process of restoration and adaptation of the Kronprinz tower for the National Center for Contemporary Art. During the implementation of the project from 2005 to 2011, more than 200 applications were received from 10 countries, and 35 projects were implemented. With the help of the artists' ideas, the NCCA curators tried to comprehend the cultural and historical heritage and the prospects for the development of the monument as a space for contemporary art. As a part of the competition, a culmination event was held annually - Museum Night, with the opening of a new installation of contemporary art. The project also became a kind of PR action, stretched out over time, aimed at making citizens participate in the process of construction of the museum, introducing them to what will be located there, using the practices of contemporary art.

  • Who can help?
  • NGOs, especially international
  • Administrative units
Tower Kronprinz Second Advent


Tower Kronprinz Second Advent was supposed to show a new image and new function of a ruined monument from the middle of the XIX century. It contributed to physical adaptation and restoration of the monument for the museum of contemporary art.

Organizers wanted to demonstrate the possibilities of modern art to interpret the former military object and the cultural and historical heritage of the region.

Participation is still present in Tower Kronprinz Second Advent. Sometimes installations are aimed at interaction with the viewer of art (site-specific installations, sound art) and sometimes artist decide to create an interactive project with residents. Program of the festival contains also lectures and meetings with artists.

How? (tools & methods)

  • Citizens were involved in the process of observation of all stages of adaptation and restoration of the monument.
  • To realise the project organizers need to:
    • conduct international competition
    • prepare selection of applications by jury
    • implement the project
    • open installations
  • Evaluation of the project consists of:
    • documenting events
    • financial project reporting, including reports to partners
    • observation of the audience during the events, media analysis, monitoring attendance of the object

How much time is needed?

  • process: 7 years
  • event: 1 day (Museum Night and opening of installations)
  • then from 7 up to 30 days – exhibition
  • For whom?
  • Teenagers, students
  • youth 25-45 years old,
  • residents of the district from 7 to 60 years old

What worked out?

Thanks to the project new forms of art were introduced to a wide audience. Creative PR campaign for the Baltic branch of NCCA during the construction period helped to attract attention to the future residence of the NCCA in Kaliningrad. The team gained new experience in the preparation and implementation of site-specific projects. They created a professional network with international community of artists. Public attention was focused on a historical and cultural monument located on the periphery of the city centre that could potentially become a cultural and social space saturated with life. Over the 7 years of the competition more than 200 applications have been received from 10 countries, 35 projects have been implemented.

What should you be aware of?

As in most cultural projects, financing is crucial and the slow process of funding makes the proper realisation harder or even impossible. In addition, restoration works in historical buildings may delay terms.

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